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Piano Care

Since 70% of our students are taking piano lessons and many of them just started owning a piano, we would like to take this opportunity to give some tips to the owners.

Where to place?
A piano should not be subjected to extreme changes in temperature or humidity. A piano placed next to a radiator or a heating outlet will be subject to extreme changes. By the same token, a piano placed in front of a usually open window will be subject to any humidity or temperature changes in the outside air. As a general rule, an inside wall of the living room is the best location for your piano. If it were possible, ideal conditions would be to maintain temperature from 22C to 24C with relative humidity 45% to 50%.

What is tuning?
Tuning is to stretch the strings to the exact point at which the string will vibrate at the proper pitch. All notes with more than one string must have the strings vibrate in perfect unison.

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