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Piano Care

How often should a piano be tuned?
Pianos get out of tune, whether used or not, as a result of contraction and expansion due to atmospheric changes. For that reason, we recommend at least two tunings a year.

What should be used to clean the surface?
Finger marks and dust can usually be removed with a clean, soft lintless cloth such as cheese cloth, very lightly dampened with water. We do not recommend the use of furniture polish. No cloth or polish will remove marks left by heavy vases, clocks, picture frames, etc., unwisely placed on your piano.

How to clean the keys?
The key surface can be cleaned with a clean soft cheese cloth dipped in a mild white soap solution. Caution must be exercised to prevent moisture from running down the sides of the keys. Do not use cleaning fluids, alcohol, benzene or other solvents on the keys.

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